Stop leaving money on the table.

Learn my method for selling luxury planning services with the confidence that allows you to take home more than $100k while planning fewer events per year.

Kathy Romero's ADVANTAGE Coaching Program can show you how.


ADVANTAGE™ is an intimate 8 week group coaching program for experienced planners who are looking to make six-figures in the next year and every year thereafter.


You love events so much that sometimes you underestimate all that goes into executing one. Have you ever really sat down to break down your pricing? What you discover may surprise you. You put in so many hours, yet you're underpaid and under-appreciated. It's happened to all of us. I've been there too.

The event industry generates over $60 billion per year. Between now and 2029 the event planning industry is expected to grow by 8% (that's double the average growth rate for all occupations). Can you see the advantage of being ready and prepared?

You became a planner because you absolutely love what you do! You also wanted to make a good living on your own terms. Your dream is to serve clients that don't question your pricing because they understand your value and are looking to host the type of events that you would be proud to put your name on. But your efforts thus far haven't gotten you there yet.


I have a track record of helping planners understand how to make money while planning the pretty. I've trained them to establish higher fees from the jump and how to service the high profile market. My strategies help you identify the right clients with the right budgets that generate a higher income for you without the burnout that stems from an excessive number of events.

The ADVANTAGE™ coaching program focuses on 3 main objectives:

  • Trains you to price and sell concierge-style planning services with confidence so you earn more than $100k while planning fewer events per year.
  • Guide you to land the right clients with the right budgets and deliver exceptional events consistently.
  • Position YOU as a profitable business without sacrificing the most important things in life: family, health, friends, and freedom.

Is the ADVANTAGE™ Program right for you?

Advantageis a very personal coaching experience delivered by me that requires a qualification process for each CEO. I will work with a select group of qualified planners who are committed to achieving the 3 objectives above. You need to be ready for this level of growth. ADVANTAGE™ will shift your mindset from learning to implementing as you become a master planner.

This program is not for everyone. It's for the most dedicated planners from around the world. ADVANTAGE™ will produce measurable results for YOU if you are ready!


  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience
  • Want to earn over $100k by upgrading their services and their knowledge within a year
  • Want to position themselves as experts in the event industry
  • Believe in their potential but need the information that high profile planners guard with their lives
  • Are serious and ready to make things happen NOW!
  • Truly care about their clients and want to deliver excellence


  • Are beginners and who have not identified their target market
  • Do not recognize their potential
  • Have a scarcity mindset and don't think things are possible for them
  • Have a hard time with follow-through and implementation
  • Are not serious about upgrading their income and life now


This is where the magic is! The lessons are designed to share the information in a strategic way that will help you implement as we go so you can achieve the results that have been so hard to nail down.
I am looking forward to sharing additional details regarding the ADVANTAGE™ process with you during our compatibility call.

  • Intensive training and coaching through every phase of the client services and planning process
  • Face to face virtual instruction and study hours that guide you on best practices and proven strategies
  • Mastermind + one-one on support, with step by step sessions and private FB Group to support implementation, feedback, and questions


You will define your entire client process, from connection, to attraction, to sales. The program is designed so that you can see an actual change in your brand quickly. You will feel confident about presenting your services and will be able to clearly identify all the components of a successful event. The hidden touch points during the planning phase will create a noticeable difference in delivery.


Learn to focus on your client’s needs, lifestyle, psychology and preferences. Strengthen your capabilities so that they align with your client's expectations. Identify creative partners based on expertise and the desired outcome. Elevate your brand offerings and eliminate anything that does not deliver excellence or articulate your value.


Master event planning and understand the high profile market. Deliver and produce events of high quality, and an unmatched level of service using my methods. Sequence matters. You will see the planning process unfold in a very different manner. Discover the secret sauce found in the way you prep your clients and serve them at your highest potential.


This program was not designed to be cheap. I am 100% committed to helping you achieve your goal. The CEOs that implemented my strategies have seen a significant change in their businesses. However, (at this stage) you may be skeptical that my methods will work for you. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to guarantee your results.

If you participate in all the sessions, implement my strategies, and commit to follow through, I guarantee a 5X return on your investment. If you implement everything and do not get a 5x return after the program within 12 months, then I will work with you for free until you do.  There should be zero hesitation to apply, right?

If you are ready for REAL, I will guide you and support you every step of the way through the ADVANTAGE™ Program.


Stop selling the pretty, start using the method

Whether you are an event planner or producer, you have the battle scars to prove it. You've given your all, which often means:

- Reducing your services to an a la carte menu because clients don't want to pay your full rate.

Taking on events that don't fulfill you because you need to make ends meet.

- Letting your clients determine your schedule to accommodate theirs.

- Losing money on production because you want over-deliver and upgrade the event on your dime. This happens because you want to please your clients and to make the events align with what you want to represent.

This is not what you envisioned for your business.

It's totally not right that clients get what they don't pay for. There is courage in honoring your gifts and creating boundaries. Be brave enough to be your own advocate. Your clients will understand. In fact, they will respect you more for it.

When you know better, you do better. It's time to REDEFINE.

It's time to see the ADVANTAGE™ in understanding your clients at a deeper level and to know where you stand as it relates to your market. Ask yourself the hard questions and then take action. What is missing from your arsenal? How can you grow as you go? What can you offer that sets you apart, truly? What can you refine?

Take a stand to become who you said you wanted to be. The industry will not grow and the standards will sink if bold decisions are not made. Instead of molding your services to fit whoever needs them, push yourself to only work with clients that are aligned with all that you are. If you are still reading this it's because you are ready to upgrade and see real results.

Creating a sustainable business is not easy but it's definitely possible. It requires a level of mastery, a method, and the discipline found in this program.
When it comes to milestone events, clients appreciate quality and flawless execution. Trust that they are willing to pay for it too.

When you create value, your worth is easier to explain than your discount. When you provide your services at a lower price point, chances are you’ll work harder for less. It almost never fails.

How can you afford to deliver an outstanding event for less money?

Operating at a high level without charging accordingly sends the wrong message and it leaves you feeling used instead of inspired. That's unacceptable. Let’s get this right. If we elevate our services, we can charge properly and everyone wins. Nobody is going to challenge your prices if you deliver on your promise. Mimicking the pricing structure of your peers robs you of the financial gifts that are ready and available for you now!

YOU likely started your business for two reasons: First, to do something you love. And second, for financial freedom. You don't have to continue to sacrifice the things that matter most.

Greatness doesn't come easy. Stop craving the easy fix. Focus on long-term sustainability.

No matter where you find yourself, you have the ability to create on your own terms and to design the life that honors your core values.

Don't let go of your dreams.

If you don’t see yourself there today, take a step in that direction because the moment you do, things will start to happen. 

The GREATS didn't reach their fullest potential by playing small. They researched, absorbed, implemented strategies and habits that gave them an ADVANTAGE™ over everyone else.


I am 100% committed to helping you achieve results.  

In fact, during the first 30 days, I'm going to be watching you very closely. If you aren't actually doing the work, I'll ask you to kindly exit the program so that I can focus on those who are.  

That's how committed I am to the integrity of this program.  

"Kathy opened my eyes on so many things, mainly how I was selling myself and my services. I have learned the power of my knowledge is invaluable and am better prepared to talk to my services at a higher level. This is allowing me to book more of my ideal clients and I increased my rates immediately by 40%.

Kathy believed in me when I was starting to doubt myself. She took my business from double to triple digits and I am consistently booking clients at my preferred price point allowing me to take more quality over quantity.  

I've learned to put emphasis on both design and logistics and with Kathy's help in branding, clients are seeking me out for services. It's all about the branding and being the face of the company which she taught me to put myself out there. 

This is the BEST money you will spend. She is a cheerleader but pushes you to get uncomfortable and dig down deep in your business. It's worth the work and effort and if you give it 100% percent Kathy will transform the way you approach your business, marketing and most importantly your clients.  

"When I first started working with Kathy Romero for the Advantage Program, I was excited to learn how to increase my revenue while positioning my business to serve the high profile market. What I had received from Advantage was that and so much more.  

Perhaps the greatest aspect about working with Kathy is her charisma, commitment to excellence, authenticity, and her love for serving others.  Kathy' unapologetic approach about her standards encouraged me to raise my own. Her mission was not to meet me where I was, but was to show me what was possible with hard work, the right tools, and above all, faith to believe that I could be the success story that I imagined for myself. I now consistently book six figure weddings, established myself within my niche,  and have increased my business revenue by 150% . Went from 56K to 154k in one year.

Advantage is not a magic pill. You are expected to show up consistently. You are expected to do the work. And with time and application, surely you achieve the results that you desire.

"My life and business have been completely transformed. The biggest transformation came from implementing the tools that Kathy provides and to allow myself to be guided. I saw an increase in my income of more than 60K within the first 6 months of enrolling in the course. I learned to set my staff up so I can let go and grow the company. Learning how to speak to my ideal client has opened the door for me to service other cultures"

"After working with Kathy I booked my dream wedding at the Biltmore Asheville. I changed my pricing model immediately and more than doubled my fees. I'm confident about my pricing now. I'm telling you, couples are not budging. Things are happening just like she said they would."

"It changed not only my business but my life. Kathy re-inspired me, made me focus, and made me understand how much I am worth! In the few weeks I have already closed more high end clients and am charging what I’m worth. I used to charge a base fee of $4500. Kathy taught me how to effectively increase my fees while in the program to start at $8500. Now I've completely changed my fee structure and have learned to charge for line items I did not know I was able to. I have become the #1 go-to planner for luxury events in my area and the highest paid. I have been able to successfully reach my ideal client and am now booking weddings of $500,000 upwards 1 Million Dollars. I love Kathy. I want to spend all my time learning from her 100%."

"Everything about the way I operate my business has changed. I have made changes to my pricing structure that have allowed me to pay my staff all while raising my prices to fit my current offerings. My income has more than doubled since I enrolled. I have raised my fees significantly and strategically. Biggest change was believing in myself enough to ask for the business and be compensated for the hard work. I will never go back to the old ways"

"I have been a wedding planner for 16 years and just started feeling the struggle to sell the past couple years. I started feeling so frustrated and just did not know what I need to do to change in my business to generate more business or in reality go back to doing my luxury weddings. I thought I lost my touch and was almost ready to give up and stop doing what I love the most. 

Then I started listening to Kathy on IG and when she announced her new program I contacted with her and felt special connection with her. Although we were sill during the pandemic and income was not coming in, I still was confident to sign up with Kathy. She is totally worth it. Before I hired Kathy, I tried several things to get the clients that I used to get but nothing worked.

Kathy really takes the time to explain all the details of the program, she  coaches you on how to set up your expectations.  She shared all her resources, information, her process, her years of experience with us during the 3 months. She gave us so much value. She helped me book my first wedding on percentage with a minimum. She trains you on how to present your services. OMG, it really made an impact when I presented to new clients. This way they elevated my presentation skills. She helped me create momentum in my business. Her budget breakdown really opened my eye on what I was doing wrong with my business.

If I had unlimited money I would have loved to have Kathy as my business coach forever. This woman is on fire, I look forward to our sessions every week.

And the all the ladies that joined the program, I am so honored to be part of this group of intellectual business women. I learned so much from them too. Planning to stay connected with them."

"Kathy legit just changed my whole life in a matter of a day! I've been trying to figure this out for years and no success. She handed me my exit plan in less than 24 hours. I'm mind blown! I adjusted my fees by more than 30% immediately after meeting with her. She pushes you to do more and holds you accountable each step of the way. She pours out all the tips in her book and does not hold back."

— Whitney Brown, Event Planner

" I needed a coach that not only knows how to create a solid and impactful business from the ground up, but also has the ability to break down the complexities of building a business into bite size tasks that make sense. With every session she asked the right questions, shifted my perspective, and helped me understand not only what I needed to do and how to do it, but why it was important"

— Emily Dietrich, Concierge Services

Let me coach you to plan your most profitable events yet!

Unlike other online courses, where you spend most of your time learning instead of executing, ADVANTAGE™ keeps you focused on implementing. 

ADVANTAGE™ is NOT about the pretty of events. It's about seeing results in your bank account and servicing your clients at your highest potential.  

The framework is intended for you to feel supported and motivated.

Earning six-figures will become your reality for years to come.

All you have to do is show up and implement my strategies via a step-by-step process.